Type: E: Event; R: Document/Report; M: Model; S: Survey; SW: Software, Database; T: Toolkit.
DL (Dissemination level): PU: Public; CO: Confidential, only for consortium and EC; CI: Classified.

Deliverable Name WP Nº Short Name Type DL Deliver (Month)
D1.1 Project initiation document (PID) 1 UCC R PU M1
D1.2 Quality assurance plan (QAP) 1 UCC R PU M3
D1.3 Risk management plan 1 UCC R PU M3
D1.4 Data management plan 1 UCC R PU M3
D1.5 Stakeholder selection and consultation guidelines 1 UCC R PU M3
D1.6 RRING self evaluation report of RRI practice 1 UCC R PU M36
D1.7 RRING knowledge database of RRI 1 UCC SW PU M6
D2.1 Dissemination plan, materials and channels 2 UCC R PU M6
D2.2 Communication plan, materials and channels 2 UCC R PU M6
D2.3 Strategies to mobilise and promote RRING 2 UCC R PU M6
D2.4 Training materials for stakeholders to use RRING deliverables join RRING network 2 UCC T PU M30
D2.5 Final Dissemination & Communications report 2 UCC R PU M36
D3.1 SoA of RRI in Europe 3 SKU R PU M15
D3.2 SoA of RRI in North America 3 SKU R PU M15
D3.3 SoA of RRI in South America 3 SKU R PU M15
D3.4 SoA of RRI in Africa 3 SKU R PU M15
D3.5 SoA of RRI in Asia-China 3 SKU R PU M15
D3.6 SoA of RRI in Asia-India 3 SKU R PU M15
D3.7 SoA of RRI in Asia-Japan/Korea Southeast Asia 3 SKU R PU M15
D3.8 Procedures and criteria that will be used to identify/recruit research participants 3 UCC R PU M3
D3.9 Informed consent procedures that will be implemented for the participation of humans with emphasis on the procedures that apply to vulnerable (i.e. indigenous) populations 3 UCC R PU M3
D3.1O Identification vulnerable individuals/groups will be involved, and the measures to protect them and minimise the risk of their stigmatisation 3 UCC R PU M3
D3.11 Confirmation of the legal basis allowing for processing of these data 3 UCC R PU M3
D4.1 Report on RRI Best Practice and learning opportunities 4 HSRW R PU M21
D4.2 Global SDG and RRI comparative analysis 4 HSRW R PU M18
D5.1 Recommendations Report on methodology to leverage RRI competitive advantages 5 WU R PU M27
D6.1 Alignment of RRI to advance the UN SDGs 6 UNESCO R PU M30
D6.2 High level strategies for each of the 7 Geographic regions 6 UNESCO R PU M33
D6.3 Results of workshop on RRI strategies and roadmaps for 2 selected EU countries 6 UNESCO R PU M36
D6.4 Recommendations report on improvements to MORRI indicators for European RRI initiatives 6 UNESCO R PU M18
D7.1 SoA of RRI networks, and Network Theory 7 ICoRSA R PU M12
D7.2 RRING Network model, implementation plan, and risk assessment plan 7 ICoRSA MR PU M24
D7.3 Report on trial period of RRING Network functionality 7 ICoRSA R PU M36


RRING coordinator location

Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland (MaREI).
Environmental Research Institute, Beaufort Building
Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork.

Email & Telephone
Telephone: +353 (0) 21 486 4300

Name: Gordon Dalton

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 788503.